Tofurkey is the new black! That’s right folks we are diving into this topic! One of the biggest culprits of climate change is the animal agriculture system, there are documentaries everywhere and the concept is not a hoax made up by the Chinese… As much as we all love our hamburgers and steaks, this industry uses outrageous amounts of water and energy to produce such a small, yet excepted, meal for the average North American. NEWS FLASH, we can’t keep living like this: exploiting and abusing animals, water privilege and land use (not to mention how much deforestation animal agriculture alone is responsible for.)

-Going Vegetarian/Vegan: this may seem like a drastic lifestyle change but now-a-days there are lots of vegan friendly restaurants, shopping and recipe ideas and a whole vegan and veggie community! (this change is one worth making, not only for the world but for your well being!)

-Reducing your meat intake: if the above option is totally ruled out, you can simple focus on reducing how much you consume a week (making Tuesday and Thursday meat nights, for example.) This will also reduce your methane emission.

-Buying Local: buying locally grown and sourced food, you are eliminating the amount of transportation (=less fossil fuels burned)

-Buying Organic: pesticides and fertilizers have caused much pollution for our aquatic life, by eliminating the use of these chemicals you can make a big different for our waterways and oceans. (Q: Where is the greatest majority of Global Warming going? A: Oceans, more than 93.4%)

-Avoid Robert Mugabe’s Birthday: this is somewhat of a kid, but for lack of a better joke: we are talking 2 elephants, 2 buffalo, 2 sables, 5 impalas and 1 lion… (a sad day in Zimbabwe, even sadder for our atmosphere)


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