The moment you have all been waiting for. The moment Victoria lets loose on her hatred of bottled water, the bath bomb trend and golf courses. Water, the world’s most prized resource. We all use it, we all take it for granted and we are all able to save it.

-Use Less: Showers, baths, washing your face/hands, brushing your teeth, and more! Be cautious with your water use.

-Biodegradable: make sure your hygiene products, detergents, sprays, cleaning products, makeup are biodegradable or natural (all of these items will be going down the drain at some point, so make sure they don’t contain any harmful chemicals!) While you’re at the whole biodegradable thing, make sure to eliminate the use of aerosols!

-Xeriscape: this reduces your use of water tremendously and it’s much easier to maintain! If you want an even “greener” thumb, be sure to plant nothing but native species, also use that killer compost you got from your reused food waste and watch those babies grow. (PSA: lawns suck and you suck if you cut and water your lawn daily. This is legit the dumbest thing humans do with water… besides golf courses, golf courses also suck).

-Hydroelectricity: This is technically considered a ‘green” energy resource alongside natural gas, but it causes major problems in migratory and water cycles (as well as the possibility of pollution and the huge amounts of habitat loss due to the dam development). Don’t support or use this energy, go for solar or geothermal instead.

-Veganism/Vegetarianism: large amounts of water are used to produce animal products, so by reducing your intake you are also reducing how much water you use.


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